Friday, January 30th, 2015

Many Reasons Why Using African Drum Activities For Conference Ice Breakers Works Best


If you are wondering why use using African drum activities for ice breakers for training should be use there are a number of reasons. It is one of the better ways to start a conference because it is totally different to any other activity that would take place during a meeting. Because it is so unexpected it is also a great way to break down barriers and make people comfortable with each other.

It does not matter if it is a very large group at a big venue. Arrangements can be made so that the whole event runs smoothly and does not become a distraction to the main event. At the same time though it can completely change the mindset and make people open to new ideas and creative ways of thinking. It is also a great way to get people to relax, which will improve concentration.

The thing that is does best is gets people energized. The vibrant sound can elevate your mood and because it requires physical energy it can get people focused and alert. Group ties are also reinforced, as people must practice paying attention to each other and working in harmony.

Your mind not only becomes alert because it is required to work in different and unusual ways but the rhythms actually change brainwave activity. This helps you to drop expectations and preconceived ideas and so see things in new ways. Being more relaxed also helps concentration and creates a better atmosphere.

When traditional African instruments are used there are a number that can be chosen from. Different instruments also help define different characteristics in different people. Some might be bold and upfront and others might be happy to support in the background. This can be used to help people to identify with each other or to experiment at different roles.

To simplify things a little bit more there is another option known as Boomwhackers. These are plastic tubes that are played percussively. They each have a specific tone according to the length and each has it own identifying color too, which makes it easier to coordinate with other players by sight. Because they are light weight and smaller in size they are better suited to crowded venues.

There is no one that does not like music and when given the change we would all participate if we can. Drumming is a very easy way for everyone to bring out their musical side and most people would find it highly enjoyable. Its universal appeal is one reason why use using African drum activities for primary workshops for schools is ideal. Also a Great Idea for the next Empowered Work Shop Training event.


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