Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Essential Shoulder, Chest, And Leg Workouts To Look HOT


There are three important workouts i wanted to post today, shoulder, chest, and leg workouts. All three are very important to ones fitness regime. I’ll list the best activities to perform to get the most out of each exercise.

First lets talk about shoulder workouts. In your entire body there is no other joint as movable as your shoulder. The socket that holds the ball in the upper arm is actually smaller than the ball itself. It remains stable by muscles, ligaments, and tendons. So its very important to keep these soft tissues strengthened so the shoulder remains tough, and flexible. Three excellent exercises to perform are upright rows, dumbbell presses, and behind neck presses. To see a more detailed view of these exercises click on the link.

Next up is our chest workouts. There are numerous reasons to work the chest. The first reason is your shoulders are stabilized by your pec muscles. Thus in some cases you could avoid shoulder injuries by exercising you chest. Also, your chest muscles support your back. The final reason to workout your chest is because it’s the first thing that people will usually notice when viewing you. Bench press, incline bench press, and dumbbell press are three excellent exercises to get your chest in shape. To see a more detailed view of these exercises click on the link.

Now for a very vital workout that is important for your overall muscle growth. Your leg workouts help promote muscle growth throughout your entire body. Your bodies leg muscles are the largest muscle in the entire body. Neglecting to workout your legs can causes many problems. Avoiding leg workouts will result in you having chicken legs. Most importantly you will limit the amount of muscle you can build with your upper body. By working out your legs, your body will release hormones like testosterone and growth hormones. These hormones are actually responsible for determining how much mass some one can gain. So to gain more mass, you need to exercise your legs. Squat exercises are perfect for strengthening the legs. The other really good exercise is the leg press. Click on the link to get videos and more information for each exercise.

All of these chest, leg, and shoulder exercises will help you get in better shape and increase your quality of life. So make sure you investigate these workouts for yourself. See what exercises will work best for you.

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