Friday, January 30th, 2015

Creating High-Conversion Landing Pages


Writing an effective landing page is all about knowing everything there is about your product and your goals. Even the little things that you think are trivial can have a impact on the general conversion rate of your landing page. The following article will examine how you can write a very good landing page and get more conversions.

Put the Focus on Persuasion: Producing a landing page that embodies high conversions will mean being persuasive and getting your visitors to make the right move. In order to get this accomplished, your ad copy must be persuasive. So, your focus should be to write an understandable message that is very persuasive. Not to show your readers your creative side. It might be amusing to seem dark, whimsical or overly smart. However, this will do the opposite of what you want to achieve with your landing page. You have to keep in mind that this is business where you’re looking for a return on your investment. Go ahead and write a novel if you want to explore your personal expressions and get creative. Don’t get me wrong; creativity is important when you’re writing your landing page. But the main purpose of it should be getting your visitor convinced, rather than getting him confused. Test Things Out The worst error you can make is to assume that everything is correct instead of conducting experiments before writing your landing page. There are times in which we make an assumption that something will pan out, but when it is put into action, it fails. So, ensure that from the beginning headline to the last call of action that your landing page. Do not test your landing page to fast because you still need to get your data in a proper manner so that it is effective. Whenever you finish testing and have result, consider making some changes and then wait to see if anything different happens. Even, if you only notice a little difference, your testing methods made a difference. In addition to this, your testing be something that you always do and not just for this time only.

Get rid of the Distractions: Remove anything that averts your visitor’s focus from what your landing page is trying to accomplish. This could be something like pictures, navigational tools or links that go to other helpful items. The one thing that would not be good is for your prospects to roam all through your site and leave the page without taking you up on your offer. It all consists of making sure that things will remain on track and still be short and sweet. Your readers should be concerned only about your ad copy, the pictures to support it and your call to action. Your visitor will be more relaxed when your landing page does not appear to hard to read and gives info in a short and understandable format. When you begin removing these attention grabbers you will start to see an increase in your conversion rates. So, that is it. So apply these few tips to get a better conversion rate and then create landing pages that are better than the competition.

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