Sunday, January 25th, 2015

At this point you want to get involved with social media or you have read up on it. It does not matter which is your situation, but it is important that you do something about it and not just sit on the fence daydreaming. Facebook and Twitter may be major social media sites, but do [...]

In setting up Internet sites online, marketers have often made the choice between building multiple small niche sites or creating a larger authority site. I am sure that many of you understand that Google is consistently updating how they’re ranking the sites in their search results. It is likely that these revisions are going to [...]

One thing to remember about link building is it can help or hurt you depending on which path you take. Aside from whether you choose white or black hat methods, you just need to know what you are doing and why. It is certain to be difficult for you to get the strongest effects if [...]

A blog, like any other site, must have a successful orchestration of many parts working well together before it will do well. Even before you started reading this you had knowledge or an idea that your blog has to be a good experience. One goal you should always have in mind is the desire for [...]

You must consider social media marketing such as Facebook as the new age in marketing for small to large companies of all sizes it’s important to jump on this bandwagon. Come with me now, as I will be discussing some proven techniques for driving more fans to your page and improve your likeability. 1) Having [...]