Sunday, February 1st, 2015

You do need to take a variety of approaches to your Internet Marketing when your business is a serviced based business. There are so many similarities to selling products and you can use a lot of the same ideas. One of the biggest challenges will depend on what kind of services you decide to offer. [...]

You must consider social media marketing such as Facebook as the new age in marketing for small to large companies of all sizes it’s important to jump on this bandwagon. Come with me now, as I will be discussing some proven techniques for driving more fans to your page and improve your likeability. 1) Having [...]

Channel in Likes Through Your Blog and Website: If you want to get more likes to your page then it’s obvious that you’ll have to look beyond Facebook. You can see more people go from your blog to your fan page just by adding the Facebook plugins. The more options you use to increase your [...]