Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Many people go through life disappointed and dejected because they have lost faith in their ability to realize their dreams. Their excuses are often due to a lack of money, fear of ridicule or failure, and feelings of being tied to the present situation with no way out. I imagine that all of us have [...]

      I’ve noticed that this time of year some friends complain of feeling listless and a little depressed. “Sort of like something’s missing,” as one friend put it. Of course, it is not surprising that after all the buildup of the holiday gatherings, gifting and end-of-the-year celebrations, there might be a letdown once the [...]

There has been plenty of buzz in the IM world about perseverance. People are trying to find out how to get in touch with their motivation so that they can move forward even when things are challenging and their faced with many distractions. There are a lot of obstacles to surmount when you are starting [...]